OneStick™ | The Ultimate tool to Enhance Cobots Programming

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 Stickobot’s OneStick™ enhances your robot manoeuvrability while allowing, among other things, waypoint and path recording with the teach pendant aside.

OneStick™ is a tool that eases your cobot programming by enabling distinctive functions needed to be more efficient.

It allows the user to focus on the process at hand (application) instead of the teach pendant.

Packed with a rich range of features, OneStick™ is a must have tool for all your applications. No deployment needed, simply update your cobot to OneStick to discover a new level of productivity.

If you are programming Universal Robots, the OneStick™ becomes a must-have tool that will simplify your programming with faster and more precise positioning.

What are the main features?

Faster Programming

  • Teach the correct orientation, path, and position while dynamically changing the robot’s speed;
  • Record waypoints and paths while performing motions, with the teach pendant aside;
  • No more endless back and forth to the teach pendant to add/set/move/accept for each waypoint!
  • Path programming can be fun but becomes a hurdle when modifications are needed. Multiple waypoint paths allow for better flexibility and precision.
  • Use Freedrive mode with both hands on the robot;
  • Run any robot program at the touch of a button.

Precise Positioning

  • Straighten your end-effector to any plane or workpiece;
  • Jog by known step size;
  • Point the desired direction to follow a perfectly straight line;
  • Move the robot on a work plane (One fixed axis, 2 others free);
  • Snapped robot motion to any plane (Two fixed axis, the other free).

Use in Constrained Spaces

  • Avoid collision in constrained spaces or when the end effector is unreachable by hand;
  • Precise positioning when the tool flange is unreachable by hand;
  • Eliminate “Protective stops” when moving the robot around.

Find the Perfect Position against a stopper/surface

  • Limit the force applied on the workpiece.